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Hawkeye Episode 4 Recap: A Watch, Wife Barton

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In the second half of the MCU’s Phase One, Iron Man’s journey started with an unexpected detour in Hawkeye episode 4. It introduced the Black Widow character, who was set up in the end of the Black Widow movie. It also teased a potential complicated past for Laura Barton.

Maya Lopez was MIA from the fourth episode of Hawkeye. However, it was still notable that Eleanor Bishop, Kate’s mother, was still able to reveal some information about her daughter. Also, it provided a bit more information about Jack’s bad guy status.

In episode 4, we return to where we left off, with Jack Dukesne pointing the blade at Clint Barton’s face in a very funny and dramatic ending. This episode is a perfect example of how Marvel prioritizes goofiness over sincerity.

Eleanor and Jack try to figure out why Kate and Clint are friends with an Avenger.

Eleanor is worried about Kate’s well-being. Clint then says that he will protect her.

Clint texts his wife to ask her to look up the name of the company she found in episode 3 of Hawkeye. Eleanor also calls someone, but doesn’t tell us who.

In episode 4 of “Hawkeye,” Laura calls Clint and tells him about Sloan. He learns that the CEO is Jack, who is not the real CEO. This is a huge deal because it confirms Kate’s suspicions about Jack.

Clint then asks him about his body, and if anything else is missing from the compound.

Eleanor is still worried about Clint, and Jack is still wandering away.

Clint is following Kate’s advice, icing himself with Christmas carols. Kate also bursts in with holiday cheer, as she has Christmas movies and pizza. As they’re planning on celebrating, Clint tells her about Jack’s secret. They also talk about trick arrows.

In this episode, Kate talks about the best shot that he ever took. He later regrets blurting it out, but she manages to convince him to tell her how he met Natasha, who he sent to take her out. She then asks him about his family in the Blip. He is devastated that he lost her, especially since he was supposed to protect her in Avengers: Endgame.

Clint then tells Kate that he’s gonna see Kazi. He wants her to find the trick arrows that they lost in the chase.

Kate goes to LARPers to ask for help, but they agree to give her the benefit of their while. Clint also tries to reason with Maya.

At the apartment, Kate is working on costumes for LARPing. She then promises them that they will get more material for new costumes. Clint is not pleased with how far she’s taking it.

The tracker is still active in New York. Clint and Kate leave with the trick arrows they stole from the LARPers.

She disables some lights with purple goo arrows before finding the watch. The person who watches her is keeping track of Clint by looking up details on a nearby tablet.

Maya Lopez, the Tracksuit Mafia boss, has returned to her apartment. Clint is also dealing with someone at her apartment’s rooftop lookout. Kate then uses a cable to secure her balcony, which she then ziplines across to the roof.

In this episode, Clint and Maya accidentally knock Maya down. They then take Kate out of the action by throwing her off the roof.

In the fourth episode of Hawkeye, Kate shoots an arrow in Maya’s (Maya Rudolph) shoulder, and before she can fire another one, Maya takes off. The suitor, who is Yelena Belova, is later revealed to be Clint’s (Chris Pine).

Clint then asks Kate about the Black Widow assassin, and she wonders who that was. He then says that he doesn’t want to know.

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